There is magic in combining. We believe in it.

Because every woman is different and, at different times of the day or her life, she has the right to change, adapt, discover herself anew, but always remaining her authentic self. For this reason, at Luci e Ombre you will find seven lingerie brands and 13 corsetry brands, which can be seductive, essential, charming and refined, comfortable, all united by a common pursuit of the preciousness of the materials, the precision of the cuts, the care for the finishing touches. Because – we are sure –quality can be seen in the details. For each line we can offer an infinite range of combinations and variations, all of which can be coordinated – lace panties, thongs, Brazilians, culottes, balconette bras, bandeau bras, brassiere, push up, with or without underwire, in lace to be worn bare, without seams and with laser cuts to be invisible – and, above all, an infinite variety of cups and sizes, so that every woman can find the one that best suits her shape and needs.

A matter of numbers…


...and letters, from A to H. Yes, because to find the right bra size you need to evaluate the shape and size of the breast as well as the circumference of the chest. Few women know exactly their measurements and they often suffer because they do not feel valued, compressed or not adequately supported. The right bra can relieve back pain, sagging breast tissues and neck pain. We can help you. It is called bra fitting. It is a matter of method, experience and sensitivity.

1° Active listening.
Listening to you carefully allows us to understand what your needs, concerns, expectations and desires are.

2° Visual analysis.
Looking at you with tact and professionalism helps us to understand your shape and give you the most suitable solutions.

3° Reflection.
Re-elaborating the information acquired, pondering it using our experience, allows us to propose solutions and help you to evaluate them.

4° Patience and discretion.
We do not like judgments (nor prejudices), we believe in the innate value of each of us, in the need to measure ourselves against ourselves and approve of ourselves, in the freedom of expression, in confidentiality. We try to help our clients to love themselves and to believe in their precious and singular beauty.